The sophisticated luxury of silk and cashmere

day clothes, evening clothes, luxury clothes, maternity clothes

Made from two of the most luxurious fibres, silk and cashmere, this lightweight tunic from my ladies wear collection is versatile in more ways than one.

The fluid style means that this simple tunic can be worn by someone of a very small size. a medium size or a large size (up to about a 115 cm bust depending on the shape of the wearer).  Of course, on a small person the tunic will fall in many fluid drapes, with less drapes on a larger person, but it would still flow when worn by a lady with a full figure, due to the cut of the tunic, and it would also make very comfortable maternity wear.

It could be worn with a long or short skirt or dress, or with leggings or trousers, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe for either day or evening wear.

The tunic in the attached photo is a one off @£350  so once it is sold it is gone.  This particular silk and cashmere mix only comes in one colour.  I may be able to make a similar garment to order, provided the supplier still has stocks of this fabric, although the cut may not be quite exactly the same as illustrated, because I improvised when I cut this garment, and the price will vary according to the fabric suppliers’ current prices.

I can make this style of tunic in many other silks and fluid fabrics.  The design can be varied to make a longer style tunic which could be worn as a dress and there are several other styles of tunics to choose from in my collection, some of which are showcased on these pages of my website:

damask rose tunic side view


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